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This is Kohlrabi

Ensuring Equity in Public Health and Wellbeing

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What we do


We lead in conducting co-designed participatory research, seamlessly integrating qualitative insights with quantitative analysis.



We excel in evidence synthesis methodologies, specialising in rapid, systematic and evidence reviews.



We create evaluation frameworks through which we measure systems and/or intervention impact.



We are passionate about education and skills development and creating researchers with transferrable skil


Public Involvement

We bring people together and provide a platform for public dialogues, amplifying often unheard and unrecognised voices.

Policy impact

The evidence gap we identified, along with insights on what works, drives positive policy change.


We are passionate about education and skills development and creating researchers with transferrable skills.

Our experience

Working with a wide range of clients, including universities, businesses, charities, and local governments, we build a deep understanding of each client’s goals before taking a tailored and thorough research approach.


What our clients say

"I wholeheartedly endorse Kohlrabi for the services they offer to organisations that need to prove the social impact they make"

Warrick Harniess
Scandinavia Stories

"We really enjoyed working with Kohlrabi. The work they produced for us was high quality and exactly what we needed. We very much benefited from their wide ranging and complementary experiences working in academia, business and charity sectors. They are very accommodating, supportive and communicate well – making them not only highly skilled professionals but an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Suzy Solley 

"It was fantastic working with Kohlrabi. Their day-to-day responsiveness, their dedication to achieving a meaningful dialogue with the public, and the quality of their work were all outstanding. The team takes a very hands-on and personable approach, which is so important for public involvement and engagement activities and was just what we were looking for. We would highly recommend working with Kohlrabi."

Elizabeth Waind
Dare UK

"Kohlrabi are a fantastic and engaging team of researchers who conducted our evidence review on mental wellbeing to the highest standard. They were collaborative and we are grateful for the expertise and flexibility they demonstrated at key stages of the work. We would use their services in the future without hesitation."

Nancy Hey 
What Works Centre for Wellbeing 

Get in touch

Whether you’d like to discuss a project or say hi, we always love to hear from you.

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