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Want to be part of one of our public dialogue projects?

Public dialogue means one-off focus groups and workshops with members of the public to explore their views towards particular questions an organisation wants to find out more about.


We are supporting a joint effort from ADR-UK (a publicly funded data research programme), and the Office for Statistic Regulation (OSR) (a publicly funded statistics watchdog), to understand what members of the public think is ‘public good’ or ‘public benefit’ for use of data and statistics in the UK.On behalf of ADR-UK and OSR we are holding a series of public workshops across the UK, both in person and online. Understanding gained from the workshops is essential to ensure that data and statistics are responsibly held and used in the UK.

Shayda from ADR-UK and Mary from OSR explain a bit more about the workshops and what they involve in these two short videos below. 

If you would like to talk about taking part in the workshops, or sign-up, email our project lead

Dr Fran Harkness ( text 07886416365.

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