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Our projects

Our mixed methods team has delivered evidence for charities, industry, and government policy makers on a range of scales.

Take a look at a snapshot of our projects below. 

Public Dialogue with Dare UK

50 members of the public from all over the UK helped make recommendations giving them more confidence in research using their data

Commissioned by Data and Analytics Research Environments UK (DARE UK), our deliberative public dialogue to explore perspectives on how the UK’s data research infrastructure could operate in a more integrated, efficient, and trustworthy manner. Feedback from participants highlighted their appreciation for being heard and valued. They suggested tangible actions for researchers to realise public benefits through their work.


Westminster Homeless Health Evaluation

Meeting the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness

We were commissioned by the charity Groundswell to produce an evaluation report, in collaboration with 22 accommodation services taking part in the Westminster Homeless Health Coordination Project (WHHCP). Our objectives were to capture the health and healthcare access of people experiencing homelessness in Westminster, and investigate how to decrease existing health inequalities in those who are temporarily housed within one of the services.


Life satisfaction:
Rapid review

Synthesising existing evidence on what works to improve life satisfaction of the UK population

Commissioned by What Works Centre for Wellbeing and funded by the Cabinet Office Evaluation Task Force, the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport, and the Department for Transport, we carried out two reviews to identify, appraise, and synthesise research on what contributes to better life satisfaction. 

Mindful of our client’s need for timely decision-making, we utilised rapid systematic methodology, which allows us to quickly produce robust evidence. 

Life satisfaction.jpg

LEAP: Evaluation training for student researchers

Bespoke evaluation training to empower teams to capture impact

In partnership with King’s College London (KCL), we designed and conducted a sequence of three training sessions. These sessions were tailored to doctoral students at KCL, with the aim of deepening their understanding of research consultancy, equipping them with practical knowledge and skills to navigate real-life scenarios, and empowering them to overcome a variety of project management challenges. 

Youth Conference

Insight series: Happiness at Work

Producing actionable data-based recommendations for workplace wellbeing with the data to back it up

We have regularly collaborated with If You Could, a creative jobs platform, to develop and analyse customised surveys targeting job seekers, employees, and employers to understand what truly matters to them. 


In our 2021 Happiness at Work project, 380 individuals working in the creative industry participated in a 15-minute survey on job satisfaction, work life balance, and mental wellbeing. 

Office Building at Night

Training the next generation of Research Consultants 

Hands-on training for students at University College London

Since 2021, the Community Research Clinic, a joint venture between the UCL Volunteering Service’s Community Research Initiative and Kohlrabi, has offered London’s small-to-medium sized charities, other non-profit organisations, and grassroots community groups the opportunity to access high quality research consultation to turn their ideas, hunches, and experiential knowledge into research projects. 

Children at School

Public conversations with Our Future Health 

Using public dialogue to find out for Our Future Health what people need to feel informed, to feel safe, and to feel excited by their ground-breaking research programme.  

Our Future Health aim to be the UK's largest ever health research programme. They asked us to produce a public dialogue with 40 participants from all over the UK to explore and deepen understanding of public opinion regarding data storage, use and access processes and to learn how Our Future Health could respond and communicate to a broad audience to ensure its longevity.

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 13.34.38.png

Supporting NIHR to develop workforce capacity 

Producing meaningful answers to what NIHR CRNCC stakeholders and workforce need to make research happen in the NHS and health and social care

Research isn't just a partnership between participant and researcher. It counts on a network of different sectors and the public license to produce it. In partnership with the National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre (NIHR CRNCC) we worked with a range of stakeholders with roles in producing research to find out how to build the workforce capacity to meaningfully engage with the public and participants in high quality health research 

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 10.11.50.png

Green Space and Wellbeing

Evidencing the benefits of having access to green spaces.

In collaboration with the New Economics Foundation and What Works Wellbeing, we conducted a rapid synthesis of the evidence for the health benefits of access to green spaces. We produced a set of presentation slides that could be adapted and used by any green space organisation to enable them to make their case for continued funding and support.


The Magpie Project

Supporting mothers and children living in temporary accommodation.

The self-evaluation toolkit we developed with The Magpie Project has enabled them to embed effective systems to track outcomes and keep learning. The evaluation we produced enabled them to reflect on their practice, gather evidence on the full range of outcomes they achieve and celebrate achievements.


Our input has helped The Magpie Project to build a body of evidence to support their applications for further funding to grow their charity and support more clients.


The Monday Morning Club

Evaluating social impact of unemployment intervention.

The Monday Morning Club provides training to unemployed individuals and aims to teach practical skills such as time-management, self-organisation and job applications techniques. We are providing ongoing research consultation to help design surveys to carry out an impact evaluation of this course

Image by Brooke Cagle

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