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Our services

Reviewing literature


We use systematic and rigorous processes to examine the existing evidence base to identify a solid foundation on which to inform your actions or answer your key questions.


We are skilled at navigating sources including scientific papers and policy reports to connect you with the evidence most useful to you. 

Designing tools


Our surveys use validated measures and tailored questions to capture robust and insightful evidence from your respondents. We practise collaborative working to ensure that the data collection tools are relevant to your needs.


Our strength is building strong relationships and trust with a range of different groups, including vulnerable and hard to reach communities. 


Collecting data

Whatever you want to discover we can design the right tool for data collection. Our best practice approach to design ensures your findings will be robust and trustworthy.

Analysing data


We are experienced in applying both descriptive statistics and more complex modelling techniques to answer specific research questions. 


We are also experienced in qualitative analysis. Our ability to synthesise large amounts of text and dialogue to illuminate themes provides rich in-depth information to clients.

Evaluation and monitoring


We bring together creative methodologies and extensive experience from previous clients to help you to evaluate your service. Our service evaluation is designed to improve your service and support your funding bids with evidence to grow your charity.


We offer packages that provide you with an evaluation tool you can keep using to ensure you are making a difference.

Writing reports and delivering presentations

We write reports and deliver presentations of our work to a wide range of audiences, including academics, health-care professionals, charities, local government and policy-makers. An important aspect of our work is data visualisation to ensure the findings can be communicated clearly.


Get in touch

For a free consultation, or to discuss how we can progress your research journey, contact our Engagement Lead, Fran Harkness.

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