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Westminster Homeless Health Evaluation

Better understanding the health needs of individuals currently experiencing homelessness in Westminster 

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We were commissioned by the charity Groundswell to produce an evaluation report, in collaboration with 22 accommodation services taking part in the Westminster Homeless Health Coordination Project (WHHCP). Previous reports have consistently shown people without a safe and secure home to live in have significantly and chronically compromised physical health and high rates of poor mental health. The purpose of the evaluation was to capture the health and healthcare access of people experiencing homelessness in Westminster, and investigate how to decrease existing health inequalities in those who are temporarily housed within one of the services. 


We conducted an independent analysis of qualitative data from interview and focus groups with people experiencing homelessness, and triangulated those insights with quantitative survey data using a mixed-methods approach. Drawing these strands of data together enabled different perspectives to be sought and ultimately created meaningful recommendations for policy and change. 


Key to the depth of the evaluation were trained peer researchers leading qualitative data collection across eight Westminster hotels for people experiencing homeless. Their lived experience of homelessness enabled them to get insights other researchers may have missed; gaining deep understanding of residents’ health needs, experience of accessing health services and impact on their health. 


This work has an immediate impact by providing a voice for vulnerable individuals who are temporarily housed in one of Westminster’s homeless services. The ongoing findings were used to support bid writing and lobbying, to inform strategic priorities, to support retendering and re-procuring of services, and to ensure the design of the service meets the needs of its residents.  


Read more at: Westminster Homeless Health Coordination Project Research.

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