About Us


Our Vision

We want to create a world where everybody has the ability to do good research with the right support, knowledge and tools.


Dr. Fran Harkness

Head of Marketing and Communication

With community experience working in the NHS and Local Government, Fran is particularly skilled in building good relationships and trust with a range of different groups, including vulnerable and hard to reach participants. Her research strengths are designing creative methodologies for collecting data and persuasive science communication of all forms. 

Dr. Jo Blodgett

Head of Business Strategy

Jo has followed her research interests around the world, with international collaborations in the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden and South Africa.  She is passionate about methodological rigour and is particularly skilled at applying quantitative approaches in her work. Jo has a strong record of peer-reviewed publications and is the winner of several competitive awards and scholarships. 

Dr. Aradhna Kaushal

Head of Research Methods

Aradhna has over ten years of experience conducting research on topics related to psychology, health, and wellbeing. She is skilled in designing and evaluating different types of research studies, from online surveys and questionnaires to in-depth focus groups and interviews.